• Large Foyer with High Ceilings or Two Story Spiral Staircase

It would be best if you understood that you couldn't settle for a simple little chandelier when you have a ceiling of more than 11 feet high. If you do, you will need more budget to decorate and highlight other elements of the foyer. Instead, you can find a rounder yet long, cascading chandelier that blends the tall ceiling while also saving yourself from unnecessary decorative costs that have no value for the space.

• Low Ceiling Foyer

Suppose you have a simple house with a low ceiling. Spherical or square ceiling chandeliers would be the perfect combination. Based on our experience and opinions, a cozy little foyer might combine well with an organized entrance chandelier. Be aware that deciding on a chandelier for the foyer should not be hasty. Instead, it is crucial to consider the size of the foyer and the distance between the ceiling and the floor, which is to ensure that the chandelier does not consume the entire space. They are just right, not too much or too little.

• Our crystal chandelier is most made of K9 crystal, a Chinese optical borosilicate crown glass. K9 crystal has the same physical properties as leaded glass but a more scratch-resistant surface. K9 crystal approximately has a 15% lighter weight than full leaded glass. It is a high-quality but inexpensive material. Although the K9 crystal chandelier has a luxurious look, the modern crystal chandelier is very affordable.

• The canopy is made of stainless steel, and its color is electroplated to ensure long-term stability and no discoloration.

• We have variable voltage electronic dimmers and low voltage electronic dimmers to cope with different voltages worldwide. According to your shipping address, it will automatically match the correct specifications of voltage electronic dimmers.

• When the voltage suddenly fluctuates wildly, our high-quality voltage electronic dimmer can control and protect the bulb from burning. An excellent electronic dimmer can improve the life of lamps for longer years.

• There are G4 lamp beads, Integrated LEDs, and e27 bulbs. They all have enough brightness and are easy replacements.

• The power transmission line of the chandelier is composed of a high-quality copper conductor and stainless steel wire rope, which has good durability, aging resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Yes. We can customize any products at your will. The most common request is to extend the cord length or to customize a larger size. It's a free service for the extension of the chandelier cable length.

First, browse our modern chandelier collection, select and send us the lighting fixture you want to buy. Second, provide the exact measurement you want to change, and our certified lighting and design expert will see if we can do it or not. Third, the custom light fixture will require 5 - 10 work days for the whole production. 

If you are unsure of the custom size, provide the size of the space to us, such as the ceiling height to the floor and the width, and you will get professional advice.

Notice: Customized products do not support a return policy, however, it always enjoys a 3-year warranty service.

Yes, most products are dimmable with a Low Voltage Electronic dimmer. The product description will state whether it supports dimming. If the product does not support dimming, you can purchase the driver locally and install it. Here is a detailed instructional video on how to install a dimmable chandelier driver.

If you are unfamiliar with chandelier installation, we recommend contacting a licensed contractor or electrician.

If you are hanging the chandelier on an open floor, chandelier's bottom should at least be 7.5 feet away from the floor.

If you are hanging the chandelier above a dining table or kitchen island, chandelier's bottom should be 30 to 36 inches away from the tabletop.

To determine the appropriate height of the chandelier in any room - from bottom to top:

Room height (ft) x 2.5 = Minimum chandelier height (in)
Room height (ft) x 3 = Maximum chandelier height (in)

For example, a 9-foot ceiling can have a 22.5-inch-tall chandelier or a 27-inch-tall chandelier. Remember that when choosing a chandelier, ensure there is still walking clearance below.

There's an installation guide for every object we sell. Installation by a licensed electrician is strongly recommended.

• Lay a blanket on the floor directly below the chandelier to prevent the parts from falling and cracking.
• Turn off the chandelier before cleaning. As a safety precaution, put a piece of tape on the light switch to prevent the lamp from being accidentally turned on.
• Make your simple cleaner: isopropanol and four parts distilled water.
• Wear white cotton gloves to prevent fingerprints from being transferred to the crystal prism.
• Spray homemade detergent on a lint-free cloth, and do not spray directly on the chandelier. Gently wipe the crystal with a damp cloth, and then immediately dry with another glove or cloth.

We would offer a three-year warranty for the items all buyers bought from us and send accessory replacements except for human damages or fault.


Please refer to our Shipping Policy carefully and be patient for any additional delay in the current situation. Normally, our order processing time will be in 1-3 work days for standard product and shipping time could be 3-15 work days to buyer's shipping address. It will be taken consideration for custom items.

We wil send you email notification about the tracking information and you can check it through three ways below:

1. Logging in the account
2. Enter the track number in the page of order status.
3. Enter the track number into the logistics official website.
4. Follow it: 17track.com


Of Course. We support product exchange or return in 30 days since you receive the package. In this period, feel free to contact us for acquiring more details and refer to our Return & Refund policy as well if necessary.

For most items, you may initiate a return for refund of the purchase price (not including shipping) within 30 days of receipt. Items cannot be returned or exchanged after 31 days from receipt of the order. Refunds will be applied to your account (minus return shipping) once the item(s) has been received and inspected by our warehouse team.

We will submit the refund to your bank, your bank must still process the refund and apply it to your account. Processing time can vary between banks. You will receive a refund within approximately 3–10 business days. 

*Most items can be returned within the stated time frame for a refund.

To qualify for a general return, the item: 

Must be in resalable condition 
Must be free from scratches and/or defects 
Must not have been installed 
Must be in the original manufacturer’s box and packaging and be free of writing. 
Must not be missing pieces
Must not be clearance/liquidations/closeout

No. There is no restocking fee on returned items.

Set up a Return

You may contact the appropriate customer service team by Live Chat or Email. When setting up the return email please write “Damaged in shipping” as title of the return email.

In the description please provide as much detail as possible of the damage. You will be requested to upload three (3) photographs of the damage.

If you notice damage while the carrier is on site, DO NOT take possession of the damaged product(s). Instead, take a picture of the damage, gather copies of the paperwork from the carrier (if possible), and refuse delivery. Next, contact the customer service team.

If you notice damage after delivery (concealed damage), take pictures of the damage, and complete the return online, or contact the appropriate customer service team. Items shipped must be reported within 30 days.

We will not be able to help with any complaints of damages, including visible or material defects, after the product has been installed or altered.

Request a Replacement

You may contact the appropriate customer service team by Live Chat or Email. When setting up the replacement email please write “Damaged in shipping” as title of the return email.

In the description please provide as much detail as possible of the damage. You will be requested to upload three (3) photographs of the damage.

After verification of information, we will resend the new parts to your order address. If you need to change your address, please provide us with the new address.

There are occasions when an order is shipped from multiple locations and will arrive at different times. In the event that all material is not delivered, please contact our customer service team.